Through a partnership with Social Planning  Toronto and the Toronto Civic Literacy Committee, TASSC endeavors to ensure that the Indigenous community is kept informed with regards to election issues and trends that impact  its members. Under the program, TASSC also develops initiatives that provide information on traditional governance. The GTA has a dynamic group of agencies, friendship and cultural centres that are formally and informally linked through their mandates to provide information and services to the  Indigenous population of the city. Being heard and affecting change through traditional forms of governance and through elections and voting are the principle goals of this project.

Voter Fact Sheets (Federal Election)

14 single-page Voting Fact Sheets and one 13-page collected document

  1. Collected 13- page document  (PDF document)
  2. Census (PDF document)
  3. Child Care  (PDF document)
  4. Climate Change (PDF document)
  5. E.I.  (PDF document)
  6. Express Entry  (PDF document)
  7. Health Care  (PDF document)
  8. Housing  (PDF document)
  9. Infrastructure (PDF document)
  10. Jobs (PDF document)
  11. Poverty Reduction (PDF document)
  12. Public Transit  (PDF document)
  13. Responsible Tax  (PDF document)
  14. Seniors & Income Security  (PDF document).


Funding for the Civic Literacy Project is provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation through Social Planning Toronto.




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